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Hi everyone, contact customer service for more information.


*Are they legit?

Yes. We ship some product directly from China. We do have overseas manufacturing, so some products are shipped from China where it goes through our quality control process. Our manufacturing facilities are strictly controlled under US labor regulations. So the box shows it shipped from China can be anthentic.


*Why your products are cheaper than other websites?

The online kicks environment is competitive. There are many established vendors out there with years of experience and repeat customers backing their success. We are a new entry to this line and we want to stay here for a while. Because of our desire for success we are taking a chance by slashing profits to generate customer loyalty — we know once you buy one item from us, you are not going to be shopping anywhere else. Also, as we are an e-store, we can keep our prices to a minimum due to low overhead costs thus passing on the savings to our growing dedicated customer base.


*How do I look for goods that are not listed on your site?

If you are looking for goods we don't list on our site. Please click contact with us with a picture, a serial number or the model number of the goods. The more details given, the easier and quicker to locate the goods in the factory.


*What can I do, if I cannot place an order successfully online?

Please contact our customer service.


*How do you ensure my products after I finish payment?

Within 3 working days after you finish payment, we will send detailed list which is including: order number, payment time, tracking number of the express, payment sum, products'name purchased, and amount, expiration date, probably deliver time.